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Country Lane Quilts


One day, Katie Stoltzfus laundered a beautiful quilt and hung it out to dry on her wash line, not suspecting at all that this simple, everyday action would change her life. Later that morning a feed salesman came to the house to see her husband and asked Katie if she wouldn’t want to make some extra money. Well, of course, that is always an intriguing question, and the salesman went on to tell the Stoltfuses about a friend who owned a furniture business and he also wanted to sell quilts.

Katie wasn’t extremely confident about the plan, especially with the quantity of quilts that the store would want, but her husband told her, "Yes, you can do it!" So Katie’s mother-in-law pieced the quilts and her mother quilted them.

That’s how Katie Stoltfus started to make and sell quilts to the public about fifteen years ago, but she never did sell any to that furniture store! When that plan didn't work out (and Katie had a bundle of quilts on hand!) she started to sell the quilts to a store where her mother-in-law also sold quilts. Then one spring, the store couldn’t take all the quilts Katie had made, so she put out a sign and spread the quilts out in her parlor. And did she ever get excited when her first customers came into her home that very afternoon! Since then, the shop moved into a little barn, and is now located in an addition to the Stoltfus house.

Tending the quilt shop is a part of the everyday routine, but Katie also has a family to care for! Her daughters started piecing quilts for the shop when they were fourteen and it allowed them to work at home. They have all loved to sew and to work with the visitors who come into the shop. And, the youngest daughter, who is now just ten, is already interested in busying herself around the shop!

A frequently asked question at Country Lane Quilts is: "Are they all handquilted?" The answer is "Yes!" Everything in the shop is made in someone’s home, and of course, all the quilts are handquilted.

People also ask Katie if she makes all of the quilts herself. No, Katie has 40-50 quilters working for her. Although Katie does love to quilt, and on occasion enjoys quilting sessions with her sisters, she actually just plans the quilts for the Country Lane Quilts—cutting the linings, stenciling pieces and keeping the quilters busy. She’s always bustling about, trying to manage the many joys of raising a family and keeping her quilters supplied with fabric, patterns and other materials.

Although it’s off the beaten path, a visit to Country Lane Quilts is well worth the few extra minutes, so take the time to visit the farm and enjoy the handmade quilts and crafts at Country Lane Quilts.

From Intercourse, travel West on Route 772 to South Groffdale Road. Turn Right onto South Groffdale Road. When the road ends, turn Left onto Musser School Road, then turn Right to get back onto South Groffdale Road. From Lancaster, travel East on Route 23. Turn Right onto South Groffdale Road. Country Lane Quilts is approximately 1 mile on the Left.

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