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Flowers From
My Garden


Tulips, irises and peonies blossom on Emma Witmer’s newest quilt design, Flowers From My Garden. Each year these beautiful flowers bloom at the same time and have actually inspired this original pattern.

Twining feather quilting graces the outside edge of the quilt with a feather spray on each corner and elegant lines radiate from the center flowers to fill the white space of the quilt. The flowers are appliqued to the quilt. (The word "applique" comes from the French and literally means "pattern applied.") Appliqueing on a quilt gives an added dimension, as does a special technique called "ruching" which gives the peony petals their texture. Finally, a chain stitch in colored thread entwines with the outer flowers to encircle the center bouquet. (Click on the quilt pattern for an enlarged view.)

Flowers From My Garden is just one of a many designs, so stop by the shop for a glimpse at Emma’s original, traditional and antique quilts. Certain colors or sizes in any pattern can be custom made, and Emma has over 100 queen size quilts in stock. Come see why this quilt business has been around for 40 years!

Witmer Quilt Shop is located at 1070 West Main Street, New Holland, PA 17557, on Route 23. The shop is open Monday through Saturday, but is CLOSED Sunday and religious holidays. For more information, call 717-656-9526.

Some of Emma’s original patterns include: Flowers From My Garden, Victorian Garland of Roses, Wreath of Roses, April Wreath, Emma’s Homestead, Emma’s Tulip Hearts, Love Dove, Emma’s Flower Basket, Emma’s Ivy & Bows, Emma’s Dream, Paradise Garden


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