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Dahlia Log Cabin


In the world of quilting, the Dahlia Log Cabin pattern is truly a hybrid. The design was created by mixing the patterns for a Dahlia and a Log Cabin quilt to come up with something new. Dahlia Log Cabin quilts are one of the best sellers at Riehlís Quilts & Crafts in Leola because it is a combination of two beautiful patterns. An with the cones on the edging, the quilt is colorful out to the very edge, not just white, and does not show dirt as easily as other patterns.

It takes 4-5 weeks to complete the pieced, patchwork quilt called the Dahlia Log Cabin. All of the patchwork is done on a treadle sewing machine, and then the quilting is completed by hand.

Riehlís Quilts & Crafts really got started back in 1993, when two of Sam and Susieís daughters sat along the road selling potholders. Susieís mother had a quilt shop in her home, so the Riehls thought perhaps they could sell some quilts as well, so they put some quilts on a bed in their bedroom, told some local tour guides about their new shop and visitors started to coming down the lane to their farm ever since! The showroom expanded to 4 rooms in the house, before a separate shop was built in 1998.

Other popular quilt patterns at Riehlís Quilts & Crafts include Country Love, Wedding Ring, Heirloom and Penn Dutch Sampler, as well as their selection of other crafts. Visitors can also pop in at the barn to see the cows and other farm animals.

Riehlís Quilts & Crafts is located at 247 E. Eby Road, Leola. The shop is open dawn to dusk, but CLOSED Sundays. For more information, call 717-656-0697.


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