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Hex Signs


These colorful decorations seen on barns and houses in the area, are not really superstitious symbols at all. The bright patterns and geometric forms, known as Hex Signs, were used by the ancestors of our Pennsylvania German settlers on birth certificates, furniture, pottery, textile, etc. Indeed many are thought to have come originally from religious motif designs, the two main patterns being the Sun and Tree of Life. While many people today use Hex Signs purely for decoration, the Amish have not painted and do not paint hex signs on their barns.

If you would like to learn more about specific Hex Signs, simply click on one of the links below.


8 Pointed Star
Home Wilkum
Maple Leaf
Tree of Life
Dutch Irish
Sun, Rain & Fertility

When hanging Hex Signs indoors, use a small nail or screw in the center of the sign. Outdoors, use 3 or 5 equally spaced rust proof nails or screws and place them around the signís outer edges. Our thanks to Zook's Family Crafts & Hex Signs - "The Hex Place"on Route 30 in Paradise for their assistance in preparing this Hex Sign feature.


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