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"Scripture Cake"


Behold, there was a cake baken." I Kings: 9-16

Editor’s Note: This year and next, the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau has declared a countywide celebration of foods called FlavorFest. Running from 2006 into 2007, you’ll find all kinds of food-related events and activities. (Go to for more information.) We wanted to be a part of this by including articles from time to time about the unique foods and customs in our area. In this first article, we’ll look at a recipe that seems to combine the food, fun, and values that are important in Pennsylvania Dutch Country…and beyond. 

A couple of years ago, when email was still something rather new, I received the following communication over the internet… 

“Can you please possibly help me? Many years ago I came across an Amish recipe for ‘Scripture Cake.’ As you added the ingredients to make the cake, you would read a verse from the Bible for each item. I unfortunately lost the recipe I had, and have been searching for it endlessly. I would like to use this for my weekly Bible class as a project. I would be very grateful if you can assist me in finding this recipe.”  

The email was signed Brother Ted. Little did he know that he would start quite a series of events. I visited an Amish friend who did not know of “Scripture Cake,” but I asked him to spread the word. A week later I heard a neighbor lady knew about it. But she had to get the recipe from another lady, who was not Amish. And then, when talking about this at work one day, a co-worker announced that she had a recipe in a cookbook at home.  So now I had two recipes for Brother Ted. 

Recipe #1 

The Amish lady told me that the whole idea behind the Scripture Cake recipe was to find out the ingredients by looking up the Bible passages and reading them. That’s how you know what goes in the cake. This is what she gave me… 

¾ cup               Judges 5:25       (last part of verse)

2 cups               Jeremiah 6:20    (2nd part)

One whole        Isaiah 10:14       (2nd part)

2 tablespoons    I Samuel 14:25  (2nd part)

2 ¼ cups           I Kings 4:22      (1st part)

1 teaspoon        Amos 4:5          (1st part)

1 pinch              Leviticus 2:13    (1st part)

1 ¼ cup             Judges 4:19       (2nd part)

½ cup               Numbers 17:8    (last part)

1 cup                Nahum 3:12      (1st part)

1 cup                I Samuel 30:11  (2nd part)

 Season to taste with II Chronicles 9:9

Directions: Proverbs 23:14 

Recipe #2

My co-worker’s recipe was in a cookbook published by the Volunteer Fire Company of Forest Lake, Pennsylvania. It calls for larger quantities, but is essentially the same… 

4 ½ cups           I Kings 4:22

1 ½ cup            Judges 5:25

2 cups               Jeremiah 6:20

1 cup                I Samuel 30:12

½ cup               Numbers 17:8

1 cup                I Samuel 30:12

1 spoonful         Genesis 24:17

8                                             Isaiah 10:14

Large spoon of  Proverbs 24:13

A little              Leviticus 2:13

To taste            I Kings 10:2

Follow Solomon’s advice for making good boys and you will have a good cake (Proverbs 23:14).

Note: Pour boiling water on the almonds to remove skins. Chop the figs.  (Scott Aspling)

Besides embarrassing myself for not knowing where Nahum was in the Old Testament, I figured out all the ingredients. The next question was how do you mix them and bake them? No one seemed to have an answer. Another co-worker who I shared this information with gave it a try. He did not share his baking time and temperature, but the resulting cake wasn’t bad, although some chocolate icing would not have hurt. (Perhaps he had given up chocolate for Lent.) Anyway, we have at least taste-tested one of these recipes.

For those of you who don’t have the faith to play along, you will find the answers below...

Scripture Cake Answers: 

Recipe #1


Recipe #2



Directions: Proverbs 23:14 (Well, you can at least look up ONE!)


Amish Country News Article by Brad Igou (Spring, 2006)


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