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Each year Amish Country News and several area attractions sponsor a field trip for a Lancaster elementary school. Kathy Stevens’s 5th grade class at Carter & MacRae Elementary School enjoyed a day of learning about the Amish and experiencing a bit of what Lancaster has to offer.

The students began their day at the Amish Experience Theater watching "Jacob’s Choice," a fascinating special effects production. They learned that today’s Amish young people face the difficult choice of whether or not to follow the lifestyle in which they were raised. The theater prompted questions from the students which they were able to ask during their guided tour of the Amish Country Homestead. In this "designated heritage site," the children saw toys, clothing, furniture, and appliances that the Amish use today.

Outside the Amish Country Homestead.


Next, Mrs. Stevens and her class boarded the bus and headed to the Strasburg Rail Road for a nine mile road on the "Road to Paradise." Riding in the restored wooden coaches, the students felt first hand what travel was like aboard a turn-of-the-century steam train. The following are the students’ reflections on their "Amish Country Field Trip." We hope that you and your family will find traveling throughout Lancaster County as fascinating as these students found their day to be!


Amish Experience F/X Theater

It was like not other. There were sound effects and special lighting—you never know when the bell will ring! We watched a multimedia production. It had a cannon in there and four wooden walls for screens. There were great sound effects and 3D ghosts. The movie moves around on 5 different screens. It was about a teenage boy that made his own choice. In the theater you feel like you are in the movie. My favorite part is the real cool sound effects. It was so cool. I want to go again! They have a big bell and that is all I am telling you—you have to see it yourself!

Students are surprised to see the work (and time) required to make a quilt.


Amish Country Homestead

We went to this place called the Amish Country Homestead and this nice man showed us around the Amish house. It was one of those big houses. We learned that the Amish do not use electricity. We learned about their way of life. We learned about how the Amish people live and how they dress. The first room we went to was the boys’ room. The boys’ room was cool! They had marble games that were amazing! The Amish are real people, they just have different ways of dressing and doing things.


While exploring the Amish Country Homestead, the kids learned about the clothing that the Amish where (and why) and modeled a few hats!

Strasburg Rail Road

The train ride lasts 45 minutes. It was relaxing. We saw lots of farms and people. The seats were very comfortable on the train. It was my first time ever being on a train, and I loved it! It was awesome. The train was real big, big, big, big and long, long, long! We stopped to listen to the ghost train (but I know that it was just an echo!) On the way back we had to pick up the people who were picnicking at Cherry Hill.I had a good time—I want to go back!

I think you should come here because it’s fun!

A special thank you to Kathy Stevens and her 5th grade students: Adam Alvarez, Shannon Bowman, Talina Bugos, Diana Gonzalez, Manuel Gonzalez, Shanay Hansley, Andre Hardy, Sophearktra Hon, Quinshema Hudson, Jean Juin, Shari Lane, Yaima Lopez, Doriangely Pabon, Quetesha Payne, Antonette Perez, Jesmarie Ramos, Amanda Taylor, Efrain Vera, Jorge Guzman, Isimar Felix.

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