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It all started with a simple walking trail in 1992, then a few tomatoes and other vegetables were planted to compliment the meals at Hershey Farm Restaurant with "fresh-from-our-garden" produce, and from there, the gardens grew and grew and grew! Today 4 of the 23 acres of Hershey Farm Restaurant & Motor Inn are covered with beautiful flower gardens and a walking trail and another 10-12 acres of gardens provide tasty fruits and vegetables for the Restaurant.

Guests to Hershey Farm Restaurant can taste the vegetables fresh from the gardens and then stroll around the property to see how the gardens grow! Vegetables grown on site comprise about 20% of those used in the restaurant, and are planted in stages so the harvest is staggered and the restaurant has fruits and vegetables for a longer season. From spinach and strawberries in the early summer, to pumpkins, corn and watermelon through the fall, you can be certain that the fruits and veggies on the menu at Hershey Farm Restaurant are as fresh as can be!


In late winter and early spring, Hershey Farm Restaurant & Motor Inn starts all of its fruits and vegetable from tiny seeds in the property’s greenhouses. It’s quite a treat to look down the building and see trays upon trays of seedlings and then to imagine how beautiful the hillside will look once the little plants are placed outside in the warm spring sunshine and given a chance to blossom!

Last fall Hershey Farm Restaurant & Motor Inn built a gate from the gardens that allows visitors access to the Sight & Sound Millennium Theatre during their show times and box office hours. Visitors appreciate the convenience of dining at Hershey Farm Restaurant then casually walking up the hill to see a spectacular theater production at Sight & Sound.


All year long, guests to Hershey Farm Restaurant & Motor Inn can stroll up into the gardens to sit and read the paper, or just relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Up among the trees is a nice quiet spot to just sit and relax—away from the hustle and bustle of traffic along Route 896.


Besides the flower and vegetable gardens, the walking trail at Hershey Farm meanders around a pond where motel guests enjoy an occasional afternoon of fishing and the ducks and geese anxiously welcome anyone bringing them a crust of bread as a treat! 


First time visitors to Hershey Farm Restaurant & Motor Inn often comment about the gardens and pond… "It’s beautiful here!" and "We just love it!" In fact, each time I visit Hershey Farm, I hear similar remarks! If you visit Hershey Farm and its gardens and, like everyone else, find the gardens breathtaking, you can browse the gift shop for some of your favorite plants, and perhaps take home some potted "Purple Wave" petunias.


Whether you choose to spend the night at the Motor Inn or just visit the Gift Shop, you won’t want to miss dining at the Hershey Farm Restaurant. The smorgasbord is by far the most popular option at Hershey Farm Restaurant, but guests can also choose to dine from the menu. Whatever you choose, you’ll surely Taste the Difference at Hershey Farm Restaurant.

Amish Country News Feature Article by Carla Wolfe (2000)

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