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Candles in the Windows

One of the most frequently asked questions is, "Why are there candles in the windows of so many homes in Lancaster?" Visitors often remark how lovely many buildings, especially older homes, look with a candle burning brightly in every window. Of course, these are electric window candles, but they still look most attractive. Following is the best answer I can give you to this frequently asked question….

Many years ago I read a newspaper article about two Bed & Breakfast owners who had put candles in their windows for Christmas, as did many other people during the holiday season. But since they were B&B's, and candles were a traditional sign of welcome to travelers in the old days, they decided to keep the candles in their windows all year long to greet their overnight guests.

This certainly looked attractive, and probably other local folks decided it would look nice in the windows of their homes as well. More people started to do it, and eventually it became a "common sight" across the county.

So I guess the basic answer is, "People do it because it looks nice." My parents live in a semi-detached house. Before my mother put candles in her windows, she asked her neighbor if she would do the same. My mother didn’t want people driving by to see candles in the windows of just one side of the house!

The fact that so many visitors notice the candles proves the point of their attractiveness. I know some visitors have purchased electric window candles to take back home with them. Perhaps you'll start this tradition in your community, too!

Amish Country News Article by Brad Igou 

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