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A Not-So-Serious Look at Current Staff

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Laura Karam, Managing Director  (717-768-8400, ext. 213)

Laura was wandering most of her adult life around the rat race of the Washington, D.C. area, aimlessly looking for the right job, the right people, and the right quality of life. She was somewhat content as a direct sales diva for many years, but always missed the hub-bub of working in an office with more than just the dog to talk to. Then several years ago, through a strange twist of fate, she was offered passage on a gypsy caravan that passed through Lancaster. It was love at first sight.  She decided she was tired of playing the tambourine and wanted to see what was happening in the area, so she picked up a copy of Amish Country News, and the rest, as they say, is history. She is now firmly ensconced as the paper's outisde Ambassador-At-Large, and has become both a talented sales person and writer.

Kirk Simpson, Graphic Designer

Kirk began his art career at the age of 7, and for 13 years took various classes, from finger paiting to watercolors, searching for the right medium. After tracing his lineage back hundreds of years to the artitistic Simpsoni family of Italy (well, we made that up), he found his true calling with the dawn of computer graphics. Perhaps because of his fictitious lineage, he had an attraction for performing, and became involved with the famous pennsylvania renaissance Faire in 1999. There he was able to use all that artistic talent designing striking promotional pieces for the Faire, as well as being a part of the shows in various capacities. Then one knight in 2001, we asked him to give Amish Country News and its ads a new look. Even during a brief time away in 2005 on a job venture in the Caribbean, Kirk continued to put ACN together, sending photos of his office (a beach overlooking blue waters). Kirk has since returned to his senses (and the States), and continues to refine the look of the paper and work wonders for our advertisers. And he still performs upon the stage when the acting bug gets him.

Brad Igou, Publisher (717-768-8400, ext. 218)

While his full bio is elsewhere, Brad wants you to know he has been with Amish Country news from the beginning. He has seen the paper grow and improve with the contributions of many people over the years. He has contributed countless articles. Actually, he could have counted them, but he had other things to do. Brad is one of the producers of  "Jacob's Choice," showing in the Amish Experience Theater, where he is set on fire daily. (You have to see the show to understand.) He also compiled the award-winning book of Amish writings, The Amish In Their Own Words. He is currently working on Volume 2 while serving prison time for stealing a dozen whoopie pies at a roadside stand.

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