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Those of you who are familiar with our Amish Country News magazine have read about the Amish, their customs and culture, and many times in the past you had to wait for the next issue before you could read the "continuation" of the article. Well, wait no more! Now you can read the complete article, all in one sitting, on-line! And you can also find out something about the author, Brad Igou

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The Amish Speak: Selections from the book THE AMISH IN THEIR OWN WORDS
Amish Forgiveness at Nickel Mines: A series of essays by Dr. Donald Kraybill
An Amishman Talks About Horses People of Peace, Victims of Violence
Amish Religious Traditions Reminders for Visitors to Amish Country

An Amish Birthday

Valentine Byler: The Amish vs. the IRS
An Amish Christmas The Amish in the Year 2100 A.D.

An Amish Introduction

Before the Bonnet

An Amishman Travels the Globe

Into the World of the Amish

The Amish - From Old World to New

Shoofly Pie

The Amish: From Plows to Profits

The Mystery of St. Michael's Day

The Amish in Florida

The Traditional Family & The Amish

The Amish in The Media

The True Story of Yonnie Kauffman

Amish Nicknames

Visit to an Amish Blacksmith

The Amish & Photographs

Amish Telephones

The Amish vs. Tobacco

The "Blue Gate" Myth

The Amish and the Chesapeake Bay

Amish Recipe: Good Food & Family Values

Back to School: Amish-Style

Living with the Amish

Amish Children

Stories of the Amish

Going to Church by Horse & Buggy



ASK UNCLE AMOS:  1. How many Amish are there and where do they live?  2. What does "Pennsylvania Dutch" mean?  3. Where do the words "Amish" and "Mennonite" come from?  4. How are Amish carriages made?  5. How are ministers chosen?  6. What is an Amish church service like?


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