Why Advertise with Us?

There are five critical questions you must ask before spending your hard-earned advertising dollars:

What is your COST per THOUSAND?
How many do you print?
Where do you distribute and how?
What is your editorial content?
How well do you understand the hospitality industry?

1. What is your COST per THOUSAND? 
Be a smart and savvy ad purchaser. Don’t be mislead by what appear to be cheap prices. For example...
“Publication X” says it will sell you an ad for $200. The print run is 20,000 copies, so you sign up. .A magazine says it will sell you an ad for $200. The print run is 20,000 copies, so you sign up. You have just paid $10 for every 1,000 copies printed.
In Amish Country News, the ad will cost you $500. But, most importantly, the print run will be 70,000.  You are paying only $5 for every 1,000 copies! Stated another way, your message receives almost FOUR TIMES THE EXPOSURE and costs you 50% LESS per copy printed and distributed.
Amish Country News has the lowest cost per thousand of copies printed of any publication of its type.   
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2.  How many do you print?” 
If print runs are not published and guaranteed, be suspicious. Amish Country News will show you the invoices for every issue we print, and we print exactly what we say we will... HALF A MILLION copies a year!
You can’t evaluate cost per thousand if you don’t know and can rely upon the print run numbers given to you! Ask the right questions. Don’t spend LESS when it costs lots MORE!

3. Where do you distribute and how?
Many publications talk in generalities. With some, you have to pull teeth. It shouldn’t be that way. You aren’t buying just an ad.  You are buying distribution. That is, getting your ad in the right place to the right people.
Demand a distribution list. Ask how many copies are delivered to each distribution point. We have seen a stack of 25 copies delivered to some busy attractions...and they are gone in a day, leaving nothing for the days or weeks to follow. Do they have a dedicated delivery person distributing for them?
Go ahead. Ask the questions. You’re entitled to answers... and you owe it to your business. At Amish Country News there is no guesswork. We show you how and why your investment with us goes far beyond any of our competitors.

4. What is your editorial content?
At Amish Country News, we understand the content visitors are looking for when they pick up our publication. We have featured articles by nationally known authorities on the Amish, special guest writers, and interviews with famous authors. Click on our exclusive  Amish Series or Feature Articles to discover what we’re talking about.
Our updated events and listings, special town areas and maps, hub and spoke feature, and original Open Sunday / After 5 sections were all pioneered in our pages some 20 years ago. Our new “What I Love About Lancaster County” editorial features the unique personal views by respected leaders in the hospitality industry.

5. How well do you understand the hospitality industry?
We’ve been in the hospitality business hosting travelers, running tours, and operating attractions for over 50 years. When we started Amish Country News over 20 years ago, we knew what the area needed. We had the foresight to publish first-class articles.  We went 4-color before others did likewise. We secured world-class writers for articles on the Amish. We had the first town and area maps. We pioneered Open Sunday and After 5 listings. We have always encouraged coupons. NO ONE ELSE offers you the benefits from this wealth of experience. No other publications actually own and operate a business in the hospitality industry. We’re there in the trenches daily...just like you!  Quality writing and local experience really do matter.

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