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Basketville of Paradise

The Most Fun You've Probably Ever Had, 
Shopping for a Bargain!


The famous Basketville Baskets you've seen elsewhere are here in Bulk -- 

  • Picnic Baskets
  • Gardening Baskets
  • Laundry Baskets
  • Pie and Cake Baskets
  • Shaker-Style Baskets
  • Trinket Baskets
  • And More 

-- at Factory-Direct Low Prices!

Picnic and Pie & Cake Baskets

Picnic and Pie & Cake Baskets


While you shop, the kids can do their own browsing among the Games and Puzzles, Collectible Marbles and Folk Toys. We've got a Checkers Set as big at the table it's sitting on -- all set up for a Game! (You can buy it for under $10) 


Pet Beds & Feeding Dishes

Pamper Your Pet!
Pets like Treats and Toys just as much as people do! We've got...

  • Cozy Dog Beds and Cat Igloos
  • Sturdy Ceramic Feeding Dishes
  • And other Fun Stuff

You'll appreciate the Huge Selection!

Cozy Pet Beds and Ceramic Feeding Dishes


We also have a massive selection of Silk and Dried Flowers and Wicker Furniture. And an uncommon array of Handcrafted Treasures for every space in the home.



Worldly Wicker!

If your decor is seeming a little stale, why not Brighten it up with some of our Sophisticated Wicker Designs?

We've got Wicker and
Rattan Furniture for:

  • Porch

  • Patio

  • Guest Room and 

  • Best Room!

Wicker Furniture

Wicker Furniture and Decorating Accessories


You'll also find Candles and Soaps, Stoneware Coffee Mugs and Earthenware Bowls, Laundry Loaders and Utensil Caddies -- a constantly-changing Panorama of Discoveries from our World Shopping!


Basketville of Paradise
3361 Lincoln Highway East
Paradise, PA 17562-0159
717-442-94444 or Fax 717-442-8449


Major credit cards accepted. Shipping available.

Located on Route 30 East, 9 miles east of Lancaster in Paradise, Pennsylvania

For further information on Basketville and other Basketville locations, 
Visit the Main Basketville Website

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